STATIX Launch – Battery Reliability for those Mission Critical Moments


Introducing STATIX, the latest battery management system for military personnel.  Designed and developed by Tectonica, a leading power management expert, STATIX helps defense forces worldwide ensure their portable equipment is ready for duty.

In an age where portable devices are an important part of any modern defense force operation, downtime is simply not acceptable. Taking advantage of the rapid developments in communications and autonomous devices, we have become reliant on battery technology to power mission critical equipment. Efficiently managing these power supplies can have a significant impact on the improved safety and accuracy that defense forces need.

The innovative STATIX battery management system complies with a range of battery models, easily becoming part of any battery management process. The handheld battery tester makes routine testing quick and easy by simply connecting to the battery to measure the health and charge.

A quick test with STATIX helps soldiers pick the most charged and reliable batteries to take in the field. While for battery fleet managers, STATIX improves the management of large-scale inventory; predicting end of life and ensuring the fleet meets the demands of our growing dependence on portable power.

It was a great experience for the team at DETEKT to work in close collaboration with the Tectonica R&D unit.  Taking the product housing from engineering through the design-for-manufacturing process and then setting up the tooling in preparation for volume production. It was a seamless cooperation and we look forward to supporting Tectonica on their next innovative product launching.

To learn more about this new product and how it is leading the way in this field go ahead and visit their website for more information.