Detekt is a product development company that exists to create extraordinary experiences for clients and stakeholders. We achieve this by developing innovative consumer and commercial products that create social impact, harness the latest technologies and make our clients leaders in their industries. Our agile team-based organisation is made up of the brightest product designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists in Asia.


We have a talented team of designers and engineers that drive the product development process, moving step by step until ready for commercial manufacturing. We work with clients from all over the world, communicating over video conference calls, conducting workshops, using the world’s latest design, engineering and project management software tools to deliver results.

Daniel Roney

CEO / Head of Business Development

As the founding director of DETEKT in 2003, Daniel is the driving force behind its business development. Early in DETEKT’s history, Daniel identified a strategic marker: The world comes to Asia for manufacturing, however the core professional design and engineering services there were surprisingly limited, especially when proximity between designers, engineers and manufacturers is necessary to speed up the development process.

As a result, DETEKT moved it’s offices to Hong Kong in 2006 and started it’s operation in Shenzhen, China in the same year. This was followed by operations in Taichung, Taiwan and Bangkok in 2010.

Daniel holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design from Monash University, Australia. In addition, he holds a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, as well as an Asialink Fellowship in regional leadership from the University of Melbourne.

Passagon Buathong

Head of Marketing

Living and breathing customer’s experience is a part of our Head of Marketing’s DNA. Spending over 20 years from the global marketing arena, Passagon has been learning to be a flexible and versatile marketeer who is overseeing the growth of DETEKT sales and marketing.

Beyond a role of guiding customer’s journey from original perspective to a new, Passagon plays a successful role in leading the performance of DETEKT advertising campaigns in public and managing the marketing materials to be in line with our corporate brand identity as the product’s creator turning creative ideas of client into effective commercialized projects. To be successful in this role, Passagon is a hands-on marketeer with experiences seeking a new way to modernize DETEKT through marketing communications and using new approaches to scale up a company to the next level building on a strong and consistent brand reputation.

In addition to his passion in marketing innovations, Passagon holds a degree in Economics and a Master in Business Administration from Trinity University in Washington, D.C.

Winkle Liu

Head of Supply Chain Management

As Head of Supply Chain Management, Winkle plays a key role at DETEKT. He brings his professional experience in engineering and manufacturing technology to lead our team in Shenzhen.

After his graduation, Winkle held positions at a number of multinational companies as a mechanical engineer, designing a wide range of products from consumer electronics and toys to lighting systems. He later took a project management role overseeing the manufacturing of a wide range of projects.

Winkle also brings to DETEKT the experience of a senior project manager as well as product development manager in several Chinese manufacturing companies. He is experienced in project management systems and product engineering.

Anne Hsieh

Senior Client Manager

Anne’s main responsibilities are managing and coordinating project-related communications between clients and our internal team. She works closely with the Product Consultants, Project Managers and Development Team to ensure the clients have a great experience and outcome for their projects. Additional to the day to day client work she also manages the Digital Advertising for DETEKT.

She has worked in a range of multi-cultured companies, and has worked in experienced in account management and client management roles in China, Taiwan and USA for over 10 years.

Anne holds a degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University in USA.

Tim Chuamsakul

Senior Product Consultant

Tim has always enjoyed working with clients from all over the world. Since joining DETEKT in 2011, his goal has been to provide individual, start-up, and SMEs with the best product development strategy to turn their invention ideas into reality.

Pornchai Chaiseni

Head of Product Development

A Design Strategist, Manager, Researcher, Academic Lecturer and Workshop Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in different fields of Product and User Experience design. With high expertise in understanding user behavior, social and business insights. Together with a strong knowledge and practical implementation on mass production.

Pornchai has designed products for many famous brands such as a washing machine for both SAMSUNG & LG and cooking appliances and refrigerator for TOSHIBA. He has won various international awards such as Good Design Award (G Mark) from Japan Institute of Design Promotion (2018). Pornchai also shared his extensive knowledge in the industry working parallely as a university lecturer in Thailand. His academic and professional design career covers many fields such as User Experience design, Sociological in design, Human-factors, Understanding Diffusion of Innovation, Service design.

Proficient in working in a multidisciplinary environment together with the team to create opportunities in the client’s business by using design driven methods and creative thinking. Pornchai always explores the possibility in every step with a participatory approach involving the client. He takes care in every small detail along the process leading to the best product implementation.

Soraya Pattanawong

Head of Business Systems

Beginning in an advisory role Soraya joined DETEKT to assist with its Asian expansion that began in 2006. Through her creative abilities and with her Asian cultural background she helped guide the organization through the early stages up to successful international business.

Her strengths are in cross cultural team development, engineering process and operational system implementation.

Prior to joining DETEKT Soraya worked at Australia’s Advanced Materials Centre in Melbourne, in the field of Polymer Engineering.

Soraya first completed a degree in Industrial Engineering at Silpakorn University, Thailand. After this she travelled abroad to Australia where she undertook a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Engineering followed by a Research Masters in Materials Engineering at Monash University.

Supawat Sarakankosol

Electronics Hardware Engineer

Supawat joined the DETEKT team in 2015 as an Electronic hardware engineer. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. He has valuable experience in Robotic design with regard to both hardware and software, including knowledge or various kind of electronic transducers and components. His role in the team includes designing circuits and working closely with the mechanical engineering team to evaluate the best option for our client’s innovations.

Kulika Supcharoen

Graphic Designer

Kulika is a web & graphic designer working within the Business Development team. She earned a bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in Thailand. Following this she completed a certification of Web Design & Graphics from City College in San Francisco, USA.

At DETEKT, she works closely with the team to ensure that people have the best experience exploring the DETEKT website and learning about our capabilities.

Sumalee Wongkamjan

Administration Coordinator

Sumalee joined DETEKT in June 2015 as the Administration Coordinator within our Bangkok office. She’s finding it really enjoyable working at DETEKT.

Her day to day role is supporting the team members from China, US, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Patiyan Saksit

Product Development Engineer

Prior to starting his role at DETEKT Patiyan worked as a Product Support Engineer in an aerospace company for 3 years. During this period he gained experience in the area of high quality metal and plastic product development. After that he decide to study a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design to increase his design skill and knowledge of product development.

He is highly interested in technology, innovation and product design. Patiyan has the ability to integrate his engineering skills creativity to turn client innovations into a successful consumer product.

Patiyan holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Industrial Design.

Warathaya Chinaprapath

Industrial Designer

Warathaya is an industrial designer with the knowledge in brand design. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine & Applied Arts, Industrial Design (BFA) from School of Architecture & Design at KMUTT in Thailand.

Prior to joining DETEKT, Warathaya worked as user experience innovations specialist in the world leader in culinary innovations company, brand designer in the brand-centric consulting group.

Warathaya brings her expertise in product design, graphic design along with brand building to the team. She enjoys expressing her creativity and making things visually appealing.


Natcha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine & Applied Arts Program specialized in Industrial Designs followed by a Master’s Degree of Science Program in Design and Planning from one of the top design schools in South East Asia.

Before joining a team at Detekt as a Project Coordinator, Natcha has been proven her project management competencies as a field researcher conducted the projects to understand the users, stakeholders and social contexts for resolving a problem and to seek the opportunity for design, manufacturing and commercial success.

Natcha compliments her role as a project management expert in the field of design ideate, prototyping and testing with the strengths that she obtained from the marketing background with the ability to enhance customer’s experiences and to sustain the relationships through communication designs which is a mixed discipline between design and information-development further to the knowledge of project planning which is concerned the presentations and skills how to communicate with people.


We work closely with a range of partners that complement the needs of emerging brands and high growth businesses that are launching innovative products. Together we are the leading ecosystem for product commercialization in Asia.


We work closely with a range of partners that complement the needs of emerging brands and high growth businesses that are launching innovative products. Together we are the leading ecosystem for product commercialization in Asia.