World’s first – In-cab Experience Console for Ride Sharing Economy


Worth over $5B Ola Cabs is India’s version of Uber.  Armed with $500M from a capital raising in late 2015 they are charging ahead introducing new products and services to harness their bustling home market. The race is on and every month, week, day and hour are critical for their business.

Currently leading the market in India they have just launched an in-cab console that has created a burst of excitement in the industry. The system, which is called ‘Ola Play’, includes a variety of entertainment options for users together with some driver support features. Simply download the app and connect with the system in the vehicle. Once connected users can play their own content, control the radio and take advantage of the 4G internet. Coming soon users will have the ability to control the air conditioner and the fan. These features in the pipeline at Ola will bring great pleasure to Indian commuters that often spend an hour in a cab both to and from work!

The team at DETEKT enjoyed working together with Ola’s talented software integration team on the project. The outcome was the development of a product supply chain that can support the high volume demands of the Ola Play system for the nation-wide roll out in India. A system that can be fitted into any car using their ride-sharing platform without compromise!

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