Design Thinking – Attracting Talent in Asia

We recently conducted a Design Thinking Seminar in our office in Bangkok. It was our first and the start of something new at DETEKT. The importance of engaging with the society we are immersed in has never been as important as now. It seems that in the Digital Age the only constant is change. The way we work, the way we communicate and the way we live is evolving faster than any time in the history of the world.

For our business the alignment of our values with our team and future employees is critical. Talented staff have a multitude of career pathways and to attract them we need them to understand how we participate in the world. It’s not about writing them down and sticking them on the wall, it’s about living them everyday and building a culture that harnesses passion and fulfills purpose.

We invited staff, associates and all applicants from recruitment exercises from the past two years. We were 100% inclusive and were totally blown away by how quickly the available seats were oversubscribed.

The seminar was delivered by our Head of Product Development, Anton Ruckman, and targeted for a wide variety of thinkers. Together with our audience we entered into the world of Design Thinking and discussed how this leading philosophy can be applied to the world around us. It was certainly a proud moment to open our doors and embrace the diversity of our surrounds. It reminded us of the importance of supporting and providing a platform for thinkers in the universal quest for a better world for all humanity.