From Tech to Kitchen


“Having a Successful Work From Home Lifestyle” –  this is not an easy transformation for someone. Thanks to a Pandemic, companies around the world were forced to recognize rapidly to continue working with their employees from home.

When we think about working from home, many of us imagine sleeping, wandering around in pajamas with no one (and the boss) sneak peaks, but we all have to realize that even though working from home offers a great amount of flexibility in time and personal life, it is still obligated as a professional job for everyone that needs to be treated as it is supposed to be.

Many of us who are among the large group of people around the world who have started working from home during a mandatory lockdown from The COVID-19 Pandemic, you may have already fallen for one of the biggest fibs of gossips; Cooking will be so much easier than he/she thought. I mean, it is such an attractive illusion to keep a life at home while working there looks more stylish. Now you’re just more oftenly walking to the kitchen table than many past years of a time working at the office, you’ll naturally also take on all ambitious cooking talents and projects you never have time for when your days just involved crazily in a commute. Thanks to Technology Savvy and how a smart product designer brings Kitchen Innovations to us right at the kitchen table. To make life at home during your lockdown being inspired, let me introduce new technologies in kitchen industries that product developers are trying to help you to find the solution, Here is The Kitchen Innovations, not only the technology that is developed for your office and living room, but also for your kitchen.

Top kitchen Innovations That Make Life Easier
When it comes to kitchen innovations there have been many improvements made to current appliances that focus on removing potentially irritating elements. So whilst there might be no need to reinvent the wheel, there seems to always be ways to improve. Here are a few recent kitchen innovations that help to make life in the kitchen easier. 

The Touch Tap
Touch taps (touch technology faucets) are becoming more popular in public areas and now are also making their way into household kitchens. An update on the traditional tap, the touch tap is activated by lightly tapping the spout with any part of your body to activate water flow. This innovation allows the user to turn on the tap easily by using their wrist or forearm which is particularly useful when their hands are dirty. With the current health concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this functionality also assists with reducing exposure to touching surfaces with your hands.

The Fridge Keeper
The Fridge Keeper is an app which allows the user to see what’s inside their fridge no matter where they are. So, when you get to the supermarket and can’t remember if you have any cheese left… problem solved. This app not only serves to assist with the inconvenience of having to physically check what’s in the fridge, it reduces food wastage by preventing purchasing ingredients you don’t need and has the ability to suggest recipes for food that is close to spoiling. This app is great for helping save money as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

Self-Heating Butter Knife
No doubt we have all experienced trying to spread butter straight out of the fridge and managing to rip your piece of bread to shreds. For those of us who enjoy the classic taste of buttered bread this kitchen innovation is a saving grace. The self-heating butter knife simply uses thermal conductivity to transmit heat from your hand to the blade offering spreadable butter every time.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
Don’t you hate it when your cereal gets soggy? This simple but useful innovation allows the milk and cereal to remain separated in the bowl until you are ready to scrape cereal into the milk as required. Enjoy your customised level of crunchiness each breakfast.

Smart Wine Storage
This wine storage solution identifies the wine it will be storing and preserves it at the correct temperature. This enables the wine to be consumed one glass at a time and last longer than if the wine was stored in a bottle which is particularly handy for those of us who live alone and don’t want to drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting. This storage unit sits on the countertop or can be built into a wall unit.–bath-industry-show-product-winners-point-to-hot-design-trends/#4a0983ee59ad

Coffee Alarm
For many of us the only thing that can lure us out of bed in the morning is the promise of a freshly brewed coffee. The coffee alarm wakes you up as required but simultaneously begins brewing your morning coffee or tea right on your bedside table. No need to press the snooze button, simply take your first delicious sips from bed as you prepare to face the day. The alarm has a mini cooler to keep the milk fresh as well as a built-in draw to store your tea and coffee.

What’s about you? – Do you have any innovative ideas for making life in the kitchen easier? At DETEKT, we love supporting product innovators/startups in bringing their ideas to life. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project that innovates cooking talents of the people during and after the Pandemic