New Way of Saying ‘Bon Appétit’

In our current generation, technological innovation is shaping the world around us in all aspects. Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling our internet-of-things (IoT) technology to achieve new heights. Our devices are becoming smarter, thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, in combination with interfaces that make the interactions between man and machine smoother and more accessible.

While most technologies take an aspect of life and make it more convenient, less expensive, or the power to translate a fundamental way of life, Internet-of-things are making a new wave of smart gadgets revolutionizing the kitchen. From sensors that tell you if you left your stove on to apps that tell you what has to be restocked in the fridge, technology has taken a new look on the kitchen.

For years, the inconvenient method of shopping the shelves have wasted an immense amount of time for many. The countless wandering in the story, aisle by aisle, looking for that very last item on our list when it turns out you passed by it already. Today, this annoying – yet harmless – process has been made effortless.

Products such as Amazon Dash and Hiku accept voice commands and even scan barcodes of products to manage shared grocery lists. Not only that, they can automatically place orders to save time or a trip to the store. These automated processes have practically made no purpose to visit the store anymore. We no longer are required to write long grocery lists, get lost in the store or even go to the store for that matter. They truly have changed the way groceries get to our front door.

Many chefs enjoy their home kitchens more than any kitchen out there. They feel as if they’re in control of the homey feel not every kitchen can give off. However, sometimes – more than people think – something goes wrong. Either the stove is too high or you forget your pie in the oven. The kitchen experience can go very wrong very quickly.

However, the Internet of technology has made it possible to have a second set of eyes and ears in the kitchen. Devices like Kepler and Birdi are special alarms that pass alerts about a problem at home to any user on the network. Birdi specializes in your in-kitchen safety. It monitors things like fires, carbon monoxide, pollen, particular temperatures and humidity. If any of the following become an issue, it will alarm all users in the home of what the concern is and where it is happening. Kepler on the other hand is extremely useful in the kitchen. Its sophisticated AI allows it to monitor a build up of gas in the stove. Gas build up is one the main causes of fires on/in the stove. Because of these technologies, cooking alone doesn’t feel like cooking alone anymore.

The only thing more annoying than restocking the groceries is checking and making a strategic list of what has to be restocked. Sometimes keeping track of what you have is more useful keeping track of what you’re out of. People always create confusing pantries and get lost on items left and right. However, IoT has made it as easy as looking on your phone to see what you have. Devices like Neo and Eggminder may be the most useful yet.

With Neo jars built in digital scale, it updates the consumer of when dry goods have to be restocked. Not only does it tell how much is left, it tells what you can do with it. When you tell the Neo app what is in the jar, it can suggest recipes, calculate the nutrient content of each serving, and even automatically refill itself by placing orders from online delivery services. It automates the entire process and eliminates the need to check your jars. Eggminder targets and the process of restocking the most common ingredient in the kitchen, eggs. This device is a special egg tray that lets you check how many eggs you have in the fridge while you’re at the store. No more taking a guess or running to your neighbours house for an extra egg. The tray even monitors how “fresh” the egg is. With built in LEDs the brightest lights indicate the freshest eggs. It is devices like these that make our trips so much more efficient.

If enough cooking, storage, and other functions can be remotely operated, kitchens can afford to take a backseat to other, more prominent rooms of the house. IoT provides the major advantages in our lives. The different applications of IoT in Kitchen ranks the highest when compared with other domains. Perhaps it may be due to the high living style and advancement of the applied technology in every walk of life. Ultimately, the smooth functionality of these devices and knowledge of their existence is the very key required to achieve unexpected results.

If you have a great idea and believe your IoT can revolutionize an aspect of people’s lives, contact us here. Detekt takes your ideas very seriously and believes if you can change the world of saying “Bon Appetit” in a different way, we can help you do that.