Join us the making of a new world at the greatest showcase on earth of human brilliance and achievement.

Joining Detekt to change the way you see the world at Dubai World Expo in UAE – Starting 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

At the EXPO, you will explore 192 Country Pavilions, treating yourself to dishes from every corner of the world, unleashing your inner techie and experience entertainment unlike any other. Visiting the World Expo likes “The making of a modern fairy tale” that could turn back time and age to a childhood and learning again how to think like a kid.

As a product developer, Detekt understands that kids have a special way of cultivating creativity that might be disappeared whenever they grow up and keep busy with something else in life.

“Did you know that kids were inspired the inventions of the trampoline, popsicles and earmuffs?”

For Detekt, we know and even see kids’ crafty ideas have a potential to develop into lucrative business opportunities and successful product commercials.

Watching DETEKT VLOG : Finding a long-lost inspiration that helps you find a new way to refresh your imagination to ideation and business.