Artisan® Launch – A New Way to Grind Salt!


Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny, the founders of SaltWorks, know salt and have  spent the last 15 years building one of the fastest growing gourmet brands in the US. They now offer the largest selection and finest brands of sea salt in the world.

Following the success and continued growth of their business, Zoske knew it was time to reinvent their Artisan® Salt Company line and develop their own custom-engineered packaging. This ambition led to the start of a long-term cooperation between the team at SaltWorks and DETEKT.

Spanning the globe, and working closely with DETEKT’s staff on the ground in the US, a new collection of grinders and shakers were created.  Timeless in design and limitless in their retail strategy, we created a solution that met all of the project aspirations.

The project started with a comprehensive competitor product review. We were certainly not designing the first salt grinder, a feat achieved in the 1800s, so this was our time to learn. We evaluated a range of market-leading salt grinders and tested them thoroughly. It was then time to take our learnings and engineer the most cost-effective ceramic grinder known to man.

The cooperation we achieved in this project was flawless and after a series of prototyping and manufacturing cost evaluations, we made it. The result was a groundbreaking custom shaker and a patent-pending ceramic grinder that never dulls, rusts or breaks. The team at DETEKT then took the project into manufacturing, building the production tooling and a new production line to support the forecast orders.

We look forward to SaltWorks bright future as it builds its salt empire and brand globally!