The Workshop 2019 “Detekt – Redefining What We Stand For”

“When we deploy strategies and goals that promote employee empowerment, it is also a time to rethink about what we stand for and what will be the next”   

Here at Detekt, we love to stay current and keep striving to be better. We have a belief that an energetic, valued and united team makes better products; and to keep our team in tip-top form, we held a strategic workshop focusing on our company’s vision for 2019 and years to come. To achieve this, we focused on enhancing our employees’ key competencies in all areas (life and business) in order to make certain that our teams are always ahead of the game in trends and performance.

The workshop was led by Mr. Rugare Gomo, a high-performance coach born in Zimbabwe who has lived in Australia for the last 17 years. A coach who possesses versatile coaching experience working with businesses and professionals from the international environment. The main goal of a coach is to escalate the performance of Detekt to the next level beyond the limits. We here at Detekt want to help our employees continue to grow, so the event was organised and tailored around their personal goals in life, their careers, and how we at Detekt can benefit by developing those goals in line with the company’s vision/mission. We like to refer to it as One Detekt; Where the goals of our employees come together with our strategic vision and become one. We’re so committed that we invited our employees from all of our global Detekt offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Here at Detekt, we have a singular focus of delivering happiness and quality to our customers. However, we know that great products and excellent project delivery are the culmination of our employees’ core competencies, our company culture, our values and above all else, the commitment from Detekt at an executive level to commit to growing and nurturing all of these attributes. It’s for this reason that we commit to organising a company workshop every year for our employees who are the creators of work that delivers happiness and above all success. To us, and to our customers.

The workshop ran in February of this year (2019) for a whole week. Activities were hosted both in the office of Detekt in Bangkok and we also hosted an outing workshop at a national park in Thailand for recreational activities. The workshop for our teams will bring benefit through many aspects: cost savings, improved employee relations, and increased satisfaction of customers. Following from the workshop, our team shall gain an opportunity for individual career development, better life attitude, and positive work culture that are responsive to their personal concerns.

Detekt would like to thank firstly Mr Rugare for successfully hosting such an amazing event that we all took so much from; and our amazing employees who travelled from all over the world to attend. We appreciate each of you for coming over and the energy that you bought to the workshop, overwhelmingly with the spirits of great teamwork. For those that couldn’t make it this year, we look forward to seeing you next year — Good Jobs For All