University Seminar – Preparing the next generation of Creative Leaders

This week we conducted our first seminar at Rangsit University in Bangkok. It was our pleasure to be invited by the Faculty of Arts and Design to provide their final year design students with an insight into career pathway planning and the inner workings of an international design agency.

It brought me back to the memory of when I was sitting on the other side of the table, eager to know what the future would hold. For me I imagined energetic and passionate people brainstorming and developing new products that the market would only dream of. A totally open work culture where teams harnessed their collaborative powers, surpassing anything possible by a single individual. While this might sound unrealistic to some this is exactly what has driven me my whole career and what our vision is at DETEKT.

I felt privileged, 15 years later, to be instilling a positive message into the students about their careers. I believe in the link between art, engineering and business, and how this foundation makes for a dynamic career with unlimited opportunities.

Following this Anton Ruckman, Our Head of Product Development took the reigns with his colorful storytelling of a product design project. Walking through the methodical but dynamic process the students were introduced to the real life journey of taking a good idea and creating a great solution. Anton’s presentation was an emotional experience as he explained with passion the creative ups and downs of ideation and collaborating with a range of stakeholders. Analyzing market conditions, meeting project requirements, knowing when to let go of your beloved idea, all the way to the finalization of the product design.

We had a great time sharing our insights and look forward to seeing each of them create their mark on the world.