DETEKT Workshop – How to Develop Your Product Today

DETEKT CEO & Founder Daniel Roney provides a group of innovators and business owners with his insight into how to develop and manufacture innovative products in China. The event was presented with the support of AstroLabs, which is Dubai’s premier coworking space.

The audience came from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, all interested to learn about how to plan their product development. During the workshop the attendees shared their experiences and got involved deeply in the topic. It was great to have everyone’s input, hear the unique stories and to feel the passion in the room.

What stood out for us was the focus on integrating technology to improve productivity and the customer experience. Today’s emerging technology provides an amazing platform for new products and solutions. The limitations that existed in the past are fading as IoT products become more popular and data is being harnessed. We love being part of the global innovation ecosystem and helping the leaders of tomorrow achieve their dreams!

Thanks to all of our clients, partners and innovators for joining our workshop and making it such a great event. Also a big thanks to the team at AstroLabs for their support!