Detekt – The Opportunity of Gaining by Sharing

“Detekt is proud to have had the great opportunity to host this national workshop for Industrial Design students.” 

Bangkok, Thailand – Detekt organized a hands-on workshop for the K-Capstone Project, which is a key part of the  Kasikorn Bank’s corporate internship program. The participants where high achieving students who were handpicked from the best universities Nation-wide.  The internship program is part of the bank’s long term vision and commitment to foster creativity from the new generation and use this as a foundation for future growth in the world of finance. The young designers explored new innovative products, transformational business models and FinTech ideas.  The Internship, consisting of a comprehensive series of workshops, provided students with an opportunity to learn from a wide range of creative thought leaders and professionals that have dedicated their careers to creating new ideas, new paradigms and bringing products to the world. 

The program has provided Kasikorn Bank with a platform of emerging talent that will be well equipped to join transformational teams to build a strong FinTech ecosystem. 

This 2-month program is the first and only intensive internship program of its kind in Thailand, if not the world, targeting students from the faculty of Design. It was great to see them experience new ways of learning by allowing them to play and work on their initiations with total freedom. Can’t wait to see the wave of disruptions and change that this new generation of creators bring to the financial industry!

Our role in the K-Capstone Internship Program was to provide professional knowledge by sharing practical experiences to prepare the new generation of students for the future, a future of disruptive technology. Detekt believes that the opportunity for new generations begins from a journey of many little steps, lessons and mistakes that will create the experience required to shape the future.  

Our role included addressing key business challenges that we face in the current business landscape. This helps to bring about a foundation for where we are now and a starting point for creating innovative solutions. To bring this to life we used the design thinking methodology, opening ideas to reshape our future by considering business insights and an understanding of how technology will impact industry in the future, and how we can stay ahead of the curve. In order to transform traditional business sectors, such as banking and finance, we need to get to develop a clear understanding of their pains and challenges. 

From this foundation we can begin to create and innovate tailor-made digital solutions, bringing in digital analytics, interactive marketing and convenient mobile services. This is the opportunity for our new generations.