Detekt catches interest from visitors at Innovation Expo

Detekt as a leading product development solution provider, is privileged to be a part of International Innovation Week.

The Innovation week expo is a playground for innovators to come together to learn what’s new and cutting edge in their industry. For Detekt, however, it is also the opportunity for showcasing our design excellence that gets us excited.

Innovation Expo is one of the largest innovation shows in all of Asia, drawing visitors from around the globe. Attendees range from entrepreneurs, to university students; executives from the government and private sectors looking to implement more creative thinking into their organisations, to those who are simply curious to discover any new and innovative ideas. During the innovation expo, we at Detekt had the chance to showcase some of our current product development work at the innovative pavilion; allowing people a rare peek under the hood of some of the great work we are delivering for our clients. Detekt also joined others on a business forum to share our experience, and talk about how we see innovation shaping the future for businesses around the world, which attracted the attention of many innovators.

Here at Detekt we are committed to sharing our companies expertise with all, and love the opportunity to walk our partners through the journey of developing a new idea from concept to finished product. Developing new products can be a tough journey when you go at it alone; which is why making it a straight forward, guided process, is a core tenet of Detekt. It is our pleasure to be a part of the successful Innovation Week, and we look forward to attending the exhibition again next year.