Startup & Detekt: The innovation transformation

“Detekt is committed to collaborating with governments in Asia to achieve their National Innovation Transformation goals”

Thailand is the apex of where ancient culture meets an ultramodern economy. As one of the leaders in the South East Asian region, and member of the ASEAN trade block, they are setting the benchmark for becoming an innovative, global trading nation.

The Thai government is launching a new initiative called the National Innovation Transformation to revolutionise parts of its technology and innovation-based economy.

Startups have provided such a great contribution to social well-being and economic prospects of many countries that the Thai government is going to increase its efforts to help develop a startup culture. The plan is to empower and encourage more Thais to innovate by breaking down the barriers that many startups face when taking their first steps. A dedicated program, Startup Thailandwill enable this by streamlining government systems, building innovation precincts, and increasing international cooperation.

The country aims to have over 1,000 active startups and 50,000 high skilled workers in the emerging Thai startup ecosystem by 2021. It is hoped that in the future the startup ecosystem will contribute 5% to the GDP. Startup Thailand will focus on startups that use technology to transform existing industries into industries of the future, just like we have seen startups do in the USA and other modern economies.

With our track record of helping Tech Startups to make a journey from their ideas to market success, Detekt is proud to attend the Startup Thailand event hosted by the National Startup Committee in Bangkok.

The Thai national agenda is to accelerate the collaborations within the existing Startup ecosystems and communities to create a startup policy. The Thai government is committed to the goal of making the country as a startup nation. One area of focus is a push to make it easier for Startups to sell their innovative products and services to the government, and to aid fulfilling the government’s procurement needs.

According to the Executive Director of the National Innovation Agency, Dr.Pun-Arj Chairatana, in an interview with a publication called “GovInsider”, his agency has signed an agreement with the Digital Government Development Agency. Over the next five years they aim to achieve procurement spending of US$1 billion to Startups.

Detekt is driven to assist innovative Tech Startups and to share their long track record of experience working with Startups worldwide. We have seen many clients transform from Startups into highly successful businesses, now leaders in their industry. Clients such as PhoneSoap in the USA that started with a product innovation and have now achieved product sales of over 1 million.  For us, Thailand being a nation of innovation is a grand vision that will only be achievable if talent is supported, and an eco-system that encourages the growth and development of startups is carefully cultivated.

We look forward to a bright future as the Startup ecosystem develops in Asia and connects globally to the world.