World’s First Tool Management System – Meet NEATO®!


Meet NEATO®, the World’s first tool management system for motor vehicle enthusiasts, professional mechanics, hobbyists & anyone else who needs an extra hand.

Make life easy by adding the NEATO® to your work environment. Choose from a range of attachments that suit your specific needs. Initial options include a mobile phone holder, flashlight attachment, magnet board, magnet tub and funnel. This is just the beginning and a taste of what’s to come!

This was an amazing project for the team at DETEKT to be involved with. We learnt so much from founder Terry Scott, working closely together designing, engineering, prototyping and building the manufacturing supply chain for this highly innovative product.

Along the way new ideas to improve the product and breakthroughs, when challenges emerged, resulted in something beyond any of our expectations. It’s projects like these that are a gentle reminder of the value of passion, persistence and collaboration.

We are excited to support Terry Scott and the dedicated team at inurZONE® with their vision to become the world leader in tool organization.

To learn more about the launch of the NEATO® tool management system please check the video below.


For information regarding pre-orders please go to and sign up so that you can be one of the first to experience the benefits of the NEATO®.