Feminine Influence in Product Design

Feminism is often a term that can be misleading and used improperly in different contexts. The whole idea of equality is changing rapidly in a close-minded society each and everyday. For years, women have been looked down upon in business and demoralized simply because of the stereotypes that follow; however, today, women have a much larger impact in business; much more than people think. In our current society, it’s important to me to understand the idea that women have a major influence in business.

For decades, the industry of product design has been ruled by men. Their condescending image allowed them to do as they please in the workplace. However, in these coming years, that will all change. It turns out some of the richest companies to date are owned and strongly influenced by women. It may be their creative, tenacious mindset or their ability to work harder in some aspects but whatever it is, companies need more of it.

 You see, women have a much different look to product design than men. They take in many more factors rather than just functionality and sales, the product becomes interesting as if they gave birth to a second child. Women have revolutionized the product design industry forever. Back in the 90’s arguably, men were the dominant role in all aspects, including business. They were no Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, but they were successful. However, today some women among the rest have absolutely denominated markets men could only dream of owning.

 Take the renown Kylie Jenner for play, she dominates the makeup industry with her luscious line of beauty products. That brand made her the youngest billionaire to date. Barbara Corcoran, a renown real estate agent in New York owns thousands of properties generating millions in sales every year. It’s Kylies mindset that let her design her products and Barbara’s tenacity that allowed her to become a real estate mogul. Things men may struggle with.

These are just a few women have grown extremely successful in business. People often confuse the idea of women working for a company and men owning a company. However, today, it’s the other way around. Women can influence business so much, much more than men can and essentially change the entire idea that women are under men. It’s women’s influential self that helps them dominate the product market in today’s world. For the coming years, the rate at which women become the next CEO will unimaginably spike.

In our diversified workplace, the issue with our current brands is they’re not taking into account both genders inputs. The world is constantly evolving and if the brands cannot mitigate to its environment, they will dramatically fail. This bias isn’t just inconvenient, it can be downright deadly. Did you know that the design of seatbelts in cars is less safe for women than men because car makers primarily test with male crash test dummies? This is an absolute insane idea to think. Larger companies must take into account the idea that women will buy these products too and not only men will be the user. Products have to evolve and become more respectful, welcoming and understanding to women because they can influence much more than today’s society thinks.

Here at Detekt, we are known for building great products at the end of the day. When you submit an idea, your goals become our goals and your struggles become our struggles. Our experts are trained in research and the execution of these products and gender definitely does not play a role. Whether you’re male or female, Detekt takes in the influence of both and will bond together to produce such an unremarkable product. We understand that great design can come from anyone. If you want a great product or design, contact us today.