Detekt – The Winner of IDA Awards

“We all know that a great product was designed and developed with the potential to be a life changing for users.”

As a product developer, we aim to create the most beautiful, innovative, and creative product designed to solve a problem, to make life easier or to simply spread joy.

At Detekt, we believe to make our product design works through stages starting Discover, Define, Develop and Build, these steps are all fundamental things that we at Detekt have a wealth of experience. We know what we do, it can be a tough one if we would go alone, but we can make that journey a lot simpler and joyful whilst working along the side with a closed relationship of our clients. 

This is a story how our product designers helped “SLYK”, a British company founded by Adrian Maile, an entrepreneur, achieved his dream of charging many mobile devices at the same time and the same place while family gatherings was meant to be the most meaningful needs of him creating the product to use at home by family members in the living rooms or for them spending life together on a dining table sharing with others how their day was at the end of each day during await for their devices being fully charged

Adrian, SLYK approached us here at Detekt because he had a little problem visioning how to turn problems  into an innovative product.For teams at Detekt, we believe that our developers have successfully created a fantastic product that Adrian is looking for. Teams at Detekt is now having a more happiness kept in minds when we hear a good news what we created wins “The International Design Awards (IDA Awards)” recognizing a thinking concept of the product design excellence created with imagination that goes into making a product that can be used, valued and perhaps even loved by its target markets. 

We know that winning a product design award, this can help us get our product noticed and easily brought our creation into people’s homes and/or businesses as well as giving our career a welcome boost for all. However, what our design team aims, is to find something new, innovative and ground-breaking that we can share with the world enhancing life to be better, and making a product that becomes the most loved one for our clients.   

Our winning a product design excellence, this will help us and a product we created for clients finding a gap in the market and created the perfect business returns. 

However, for our teams behind a success of product design and development, winning the award really means somethings for us to remind that “we again created extraordinary experiences for our client, and we’ll look forward to the next”