Project Evaluation

How your idea will become a success story.

We’ve all been there. There is this great product idea! An idea that will change everything.

But you don’t know how to make this product a reality. You don’t want to go ahead and start engineering a product without knowing the details. You want to know what options you have in the Product Design, how you can position your product to your target audience. You also want to know what materials you will use and how the manufacturing will take place.

That’s why we at DETEKT came up with the Project Evaluation.

A Project Evaluation consists of a thorough Product Analysis and – if your product includes electronic parts – an Electronic & Costing Evaluation.

The Product Analysis is a must-have if you:

  • – Want to develop a new product
  • – Want to re-design an existing product
  • – Seek a professional opinion about your existing product and how it can be improved

The Product Analysis will cover a range of topics related to your new idea. We will cover topics such as usability, i.e. how the users will interact with your products, design and how to make sure the design is in line with your company’s branding and product portfolio, engineering and manufacturing. Since we’re based in Asia, we have first-rate experience in manufacturing products for our clients all over the world. We know how to make design-to-manufacturing a success story.

Project Evaluation Activities

  • Product & User Expectation Evaluation
  • Product Cost & Sale Price Target
  • Safety & Maintenance Evaluation
  • End-User Analysis
  • Environment & Usage Analysis
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Constraint Analysis

Electronics & Costing Evaluation

Developing a product that contains electronics adds a level of complexity. You need to know that certificates you need to import the products in your home market and you certainly want to know all associated costs before you start any development.

In the Electronics & Costing Evaluation our engineers will do just that. We will present you a range of options how your product idea can be realised, developed efficiently and manufactured.

During the Electronics & Costing Evaluation we already get in touch with our trusted network of suppliers and factories to provide you with an accurate development time and manufacturing costs.

We will compile and present a detailed report that includes different development options, a time frame for development and budgets for the development and manufacturing.

The Electronics & Costing Evaluation is often used together with the Product Analysis to determine the financial outlays required to complete the core engineering.