Electronic Engineering

Custom electronics for innovative products…

Does your product requires electronics like a lot of innovative devices and new technology out there? We will plan the development carefully with you and ensure that all engineering activities are executed and coordinated flawlessly.  To minimize the delivery time the engineering project team works closely together integrating the electronics development with the mechanical parts of the product.

During the process there are a number of key milestones on the electronics side that include the circuit design, firmware development, software development and the PCB design.  Once the electronics is settled down accurate 3D CAD data of the PCB assembly will be provided to the mechanical engineering team to ensure a seamless product assembly.

DETEKT’s strength in product engineering is second to none and we are ready to demonstrate our capability with your new development.

Electronics Engineering Activities

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Design
  • Electronic Prototype Design
  • Component Sourcing
  • Technical Feasibility Report
  • Electronic Prototype Development
  • Circuit Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Electronics Architecture
  • Electronics Architecture Evaluation
  • Product Feasibility Analysis
  • PCB Design
  • Software Development

Developing your Electronic Prototype for testing and validation.

At DETEKT we know how important it is to get your innovative electronics product into your hands. For this reason it’s critical for us to understand your launch program so that we can determine the best electronic prototype design plan for you. Making an electronic prototype is a critical step for many of our clients and is the basis for initial testing and engineering validation.