Design for Manufacture

What we design can be manufactured!

You might be surprised to read the statement above. After all, the definition of “Product Design” is to design products so they can be manufactured.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Industrial Designers want to be creative, test boundaries and present stunning new designs.

And that’s great, that’s why there are good designers.

But it’s not enough. If you want to design a product that can be manufactured cost-effectively you need to speak to a designer who has seen a factory from the inside. A designer, who knows about what can be done here in Asia and designs his products with manufacturability in the back of his head.

Design for Manufacture Activities

  • Design for Low Cost Production
  • Design for Assembly
  • Asian Manufacturability Review
  • Part Reduction Evaluation
  • Product Simplification Study
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Review

How we shave costs of your final production price.

All our designers and engineers have years of first-hand experience working together in product development with local suppliers. They know what can be produced in Asia.

If you want to design-to-manufacture, speak to us. We know what can be done!